IS-IS Network Design Solutions

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Mastering IS-IS, regardless of its simplicity, has been a daunting task for many. Networking professionals of all levels now have a single source for all the information needed to become true experts on the IS-IS protocol, particularly for IP routing applications.

You will learn about the origins of the IS-IS protocol and the fundamental underlying concepts and then move to complex protocol mechanisms involving building, maintaining, and dissemination of the information found in the IS-IS database on a router. Partial Sequence Number Packets. Flooding and Link-State Database Synchronization. LSP Generation Interval. LSP Sequence Number. Duplicate System IDs. Overview of the SPF Algorithm. Basics of Graph Theory. Operation of the SPF Algorithm. Memory Requirements. SPF Calculation Example.

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IP Network Design Principles. Protocol Limitations to Consider. Interaction with BGP. Processing Resources. Improving Convergence. Exponential Backoff. Exponential Backoff Parameters. Exponential Backoff Example. Fast Convergence at Adjacency Setup.

Networking Technology: IS-IS Network Design Solutions by Abe Martey (2002, Hardcover)

A Brief Historical Tour. Common Grounds. Highlights of Differences.

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Packets Types and Encoding Issues. Neighbor Discovery and Adjacency Maintenance. Distribution of Routing Information. Route Characteristics and Metric Information. Robustness and Reliability Issues. Network Architecture.

IS-IS Network Design Solutions (Networking Technology)

Stability, Convergence, and Scalability. Operations: Configuring, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting. Conclusion: Which Protocol Is Better?

IS-IS Network Design Solutions (2002)

Case Study: Migration of Areas. Method 1. Method 2. Point-to-Point Connections: PoS. Point-to-Point Serial-Link Configuration. ATM Configuration.

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Frame Relay Configuration. ISDN Configuration. IP Route Summarization. Multi-Area Configuration. This configuration is not allowed in IOS because according to RFC , a link between two routers in the same area must be configured identically at either end.

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This is also not allowed because both routers are in the same area, so adjacency is not formed between RTA and RTB, as shown in the show clns neighbors ouput. Previous page. Table of content.

Next page. Authors: Abe Martey. Metro Ethernet paperback. BGP Design and Implementation.