Essential Psychology for Nurses and Other Health Professionals

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It's also possible to follow a career as a health psychologist in academia. You're likely to spend much of your time in the first few years building up your teaching skills and experience, and developing your research profile. If based in a university setting, you may teach and supervise trainee health psychologists and other healthcare professionals. In order to progress your career, you'll need to keep an active research profile and show a willingness to take on different roles.

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Chapter 3 - Psychology for Nurses and Other Health Professionals

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If you're passionate about improving the healthcare system and enjoy helping people achieve a healthier lifestyle, a career as a health psychologist may be for you Health psychologists help patients of all ages and with varying psychological or physical health issues respond to and manage the psychological aspects of their illness. This can include: adjusting to a serious illness, such as cancer cardiac rehabilitation lifestyle choices associated with poor diet and lack of exercise management of diabetes or other long-term health issues pain management smoking cessation.

You may also work with family members who are affected by a patient's illness. Responsibilities As a practitioner health psychologist you'll need to: identify behaviours that may damage your patient's health, for example smoking, physical inactivity and poor diet encourage positive healthcare behaviours such as healthy eating, attending health checks and regular exercise explore patient behaviour to identify appropriate psychological interventions that can be used to support your patient develop interventions to address your patient's health beliefs in empowering them to develop their own sense of control over their health issues look at the psychological impact of illness on patients, families and carers provide information and advice to a range of organisations involved in public health, such as the NHS and local authorities advise doctors on how to improve their communication with their patients.

Salaries in other areas can vary depending on the type of client and your level of expertise. Income figures are intended as a guide only. Working hours Health psychologists in the NHS usually work a What to expect Jobs are available in most cities and large towns, with fewer opportunities in rural areas. Self-employment or freelance work is sometimes possible.

What do I need to do to become a Mental Health Nurse?

You'll be able to find opportunities for private or clinical practice and for commercial consultancy. Supervision by colleagues is important throughout your career. The work can be challenging as it involves contact with many different types of people who are often distressed, but can also be rewarding.

If you follow the BPS independent practice route, leading to the QHP Stage 2, you'll need to complete a minimum of two years' structured supervised practice or the part-time equivalent where you'll demonstrate your skills to doctoral standards in the five key health psychology competencies: consultancy professional practice psychological interventions research teaching and training. Written by a recognized expert in assessment employed by a large managed behavioral healthcare organization MBHO , this book seeks to How is the concept of patient care adapting in response to rapid changes in healthcare delivery and advances in medical Health care reform has become one of the most prevalent topics in recent policy discourse within and across nations.

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Essential Psychology for Nurses and Other Health Professionals

Many products and services offer Lexile measures for their books and reading materials. We are working with the hundreds of companies that partner with us to transition them to the more precise Lexile measures. Psychiatric nurses mostly work in inpatient centers and correctional facilities. Becoming a psychiatric nurse requires at least a two-year associate degree in nursing, but most employers prefer a bachelor of science in nursing BSN.

Certification requires an active RN license, two years of clinical experience, 2, hours in a psychiatric nursing practice, and 30 hours of continuing education in psychiatric nursing.

What is Lifespan Developmental Psychology for Nurses?

The certification is valid for five years, and renewal requires 75 hours of continuing education and one or more of the following: a presentation or lecture, publication or research, preceptorship, volunteer hours, a minimum of 1, practice hours, or a professional assessment. Like psychiatric nurses, mental health nurses work closely with patients who have mental health issues. They are experts in assessing, diagnosing, and treating psychiatric problems.

Mental health nurses work as part of a team to provide total medical care for patients. Some common duties for mental health nurses include. Nursing responsibilities grow with education and experience. As an LPN with a two-year degree , you will mostly provide personal care for patients and give them medications. But when you earn your BSN and become a full RN, you will have the training to assess and counsel patients. Mental health nurse practitioners with an MSN perform many of the same tasks as psychiatrists.

These duties can include diagnosing complex mental health problems, conducting psychotherapy sessions, and prescribing psychiatric drugs, all under the supervision of a physician or RN. You can work in mental health as a nurse whether you have an LPN degree , which is a two-year degree, or a BSN degree, which takes four years to complete. Below, we examine the different types of nursing programs for those considering careers as psychiatric or mental health nurses. Students can choose between on-campus and online programs.

Health psychologist

Programs include core classes and a clinical rotation, which teach the basic skills necessary for entry-level positions in the nursing field. Requirements vary by program, but some common core nursing courses are foundations in nursing, nursing care of adults, behavioral health, pharmacology, and maternal and child nursing care.

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The ADN prepares you for entry-level positions in hospitals, nursing homes, physician offices, and home healthcare. As an entry-level RN, you perform basic tasks including operating medical equipment, checking patient vitals, wound care, diagnostic testing, and tracking patient charts. A benefit of the ADN is that it only takes two years to complete, which allows you to begin earning income and work experience.