Ascetics and Crafty Priests

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It is a practice that crosses ethnic, cultural, religious and economic strata and custom. Incest familial contact is the most common.

However, the sexual abuse of minors by declared celibate clerics poses special issues. There are three factors that draw special attention to the sexual practices of Roman Catholic clerics today. The moral teaching concerning human sexuality, promulgated by the church, is clear and unequivocal. Catholic bishops and priests under the aegis of the pope hold themselves up as the teachers and arbiters of human sexual morality. Human failure is more remarkable in commanders and not as easily forgiven as transgressions among the troops. The history of sexual violations of Roman Catholic clergy and church response has been well preserved in church documents from the Council of Ancyra in to the document, De delictis gravioribus , authored by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI.

The Council of Ancyra demanded strict penalties: solitary confinement, fasts, isolation and supervision for any cleric caught having sex with a minor.

Voeoebus History of Asceticism in the Syrian Orient v1 | Syria | Monasticism

The complete historical record of knowledge of clerical sex provides an impressive body of evidence about transgressions. Peter Damian, the patron saint of church reform, in which he recommended zero tolerance. He taught that any priest having sex with a minor, mostly boys and young clerics at the time, should be stripped of his clerical office. All of his documents are explicit in their description of various sexual acts from sensual kisses on the mouth and mutual masturbation to anal penetration.

Covering Climate Now : NCR joins more than news outlets in a weeklong collaboration of climate change coverage. Learn more. Celibacy was a voluntary ascetic practice of early Christian monks and some clerics, but not universally required of Roman Catholic priests until Roman Catholic priests now are mandated to make a promise or vow of celibacy before they can be ordained.

A Concise History of the Church;

Clerical celibacy precludes absolutely any willful sexual release. Questions about mandated clerical celibacy have bombarded general consciousness in light of the onslaught of reports of clerical abuse and its cover-up by church authority. It is fair to ask: What is the connection between the demand for cultic purity and abuse of minors?

To the average person, this demand of Canon Law imposes a seemingly impossible task, namely perfect and perpetual continence. Although the church propagates the myth that bishops and priests are celibate, this is not based on fact. Several modern studies have used various methods to measure the degree of celibate observance.

No researcher so far has assessed that more than 50 percent of Roman Catholic clergy at any one time are in fact practicing celibacy. Sexual abuse of minors is only one type of clerical sexual activity. The John Jay Report concluded from a survey of church files that 6. My study from ethnological data concluded that 6 percent from that same period were abusers. Questions about clerical celibacy have become prominent in discussions about the Catholic clergy sex abuse crisis for obvious reasons. What is the connection between this requirement of sexual abstinence and deprivation and sexual activity with minors?

If one is going to be sexually active in defiance of a vow, why involve a minor?

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  3. Voeoebus History of Asceticism in the Syrian Orient v1?

Is mandated celibacy alone causal to sex abuse of a minor? As the single factor the answer is no.

9 The Social and Physical Spaces of the Malabar Rites Controversy

Vowed celibacy does not drive a bishop or priest to have sex with minors. The answer, however, is also yes. Required celibacy in concert with the clerical culture of entitlement and secrecy is a prominent element for some clergy seeking out minors as sexual partners. Many priests who abuse minors were themselves abused as special friends of older priests or others. Secrecy about all clerical sex is sacrosanct within the system.

Ascetical theology

Roman Catholic clerical culture favors doctrinal rigidity, conformity, obedience, submission and psychosexual immaturity, mistaken for innocence, in its candidates. These are the personality elements that lead to advancement and power in the clerical system.

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