A Course in Modern Icelandic

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Learning Icelandic

Plus, he says, Modern Icelandic speakers have a leg up in learning the basics of Norwegian, Swedish and Danish. As to the debate about whether Modern Icelandic may be dying as more Icelanders turn to English, Crawford is doubtful.

So is its language. Photo by Wikimedia Commons. The Scandinavian department teaches other modern languages, including Swedish, Norwegian and Danish.

The Old Norse reading and grammar course in which undergraduate and graduate students read the ancient sagas has been taught since as early as It also is using Title VI funds for expanding U. In addition to Modern Icelandic, the Berkeley Language Center reports a revival this year of the teaching of Khalkha Mongolian , the standard language of the country that stretches from the Gobi Desert to Siberia.

The audio dialogues are identical, and aside from some formatting changes and the addition of a summary at the end of each chapter, the text is pretty much the same. Colloquial Icelandic, by Daisy L.

Modern Icelandic Offered at UC Berkeley

Neijmann This is another very good book, but definitely more challenging, with most of the audio being read at normal or near-normal speed. The material is also a lot denser, so you cover quite a bit of vocabulary and grammar in each chapter.

It is definitely geared toward newcomers to the country, and deals with situations you would encounter as a foreigner living in Iceland. Learning Icelandic This is another good beginning Icelandic book, with CDs and a companion book filled with grammar exercises with an answer key.

Sagnasyrpa This is a good intermediate book, consisting of a series of short texts of increasing difficulty, by various Icelandic authors. There are also exercises to test your comprehension and give you writing practice.

Modern Icelandic gets warm reception as latest Berkeley language

An excellent resource. There is also a companion book with exercises.

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The texts are a little archaic, but valuable nonetheless as a source of vocabulary.